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Teignmouth Hustings - three minute introduction from Martin Wrigley

Three minutes really isn't very long so I thought hard about what I wanted to say:

Should I talk about the big numbers, promises and sound-bites;

Should I talk about climate change and the urgent need for action today;

Should I talk about schools, the NHS and the dire state they have fallen into;

Or even about Brexit and how what is being offered now is, in no way, representative of what was offered then.

Just three minutes to help choose our representative for up to 5 years:

To choose our champion for the area,

Someone to be our voice to big organisations like Network Rail, the local CCG and many more,

Someone who can intervene when the systems go wrong, to help with housing, or universal credit or PIP assessments -faceless systems that lack empathy and humanity.

We are here for a role that isn't just about being the person in London standing up and speaking out for the constituency.

- It isn't just about helping to decide how we tackle national issues

- And it isn't just about Brexit - (I do think the country is bored of Brexit and just wants it to stop)

It is so much more than just standing up in Parliament, it's also about helping people here and now, helping local communities and standing up for them.

And Teignmouth needs that, for too long we haven't had the support that we need.

We face the potential destruction of the Holcombe and Teignmouth beaches, the closure of the hospital and ever increasing numbers of new houses dictated by central government formulae.

These things matter, and community action needs support from an active and present champion.

I hold up my record as a local councillor. Helping a farmer defeat the threat of compulsory purchase; getting local residents a £100,000 water rebate; putting a stop to foul flooding that had been going on for years and recently saving a wildflower meadow that the developers wanted to trash for a storage depot. And more…

I moved to Dawlish over 20 years ago, having grown up in a Navy family and living all over the world.

This country is special, and vitally important to me, and so is Dawlish, Teignmouth, Teignbridge and Devon, it's my home. I brought up my three children here, and want to make sure that future generations can benefit from the fantastic place we live in.

I've had a successful career in industry and now it's time to work for my community.

I want to steer us towards a society that cares and build empathy and humanity into the system
I want us to build a society that values the carers and the teachers, that celebrates diversity, and sees people as who they are, not just their religion, the colour of their skin, or the size of their wallet.

And most importantly I want to steer us to be a society that looks after its surroundings, taking action to tackle climate change and protect our environment.

Today this choice comes down to values and trust.

Who do you trust to get a fair deal for Teignmouth and Devon?

And whose values do you align with most?

To me, and the Liberal Democrats, government priorities must be on tackling climate change, funding our schools and hospitals and building a brighter future - looking forward, not back.

And I will be the MP that you can rely on to be here and present, to be available and to do whatever possible to help you when you need it.