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September 13, 2019 10:21 AM
Originally published by Central Devon Liberal Democrats

This is a heartfelt message received from a supporter via our web site

"I watched the completion of the Commons debate and prorogation of Parliament last night, and it has convinced me that I categorically will abandon any thoughts of voting tactically in a possible forthcoming election, and instead will DEFINITELY be voting Lib Dem!

I am a Remainer. I always have been, always will be, and am DEVASTATED that I along with millions of others are being dragged out of the EU against our will. Watching Jo Swinson last night boldly and with great conviction standing and affirming her commitment to listen to those many millions of us for whom democracy means very little at the moment, convinced me that Lib Dem (which I have voted almost every time all my life but without any real conviction as to why) is a party that presents a manifesto that I agree with so fully. Forget any thoughts of voting tactically - last time I did that, believing Lib Dems stood no chance, along with millions of others was "accused" of voting for a party that was in favour of Brexit! So in future, I will add my voice, hoping many like me are now feeling the same way, to the party that stands up for what I truly believe in!! We have spent 40 years gradually embroiling ourselves in EU matters. How anyone can believe that it won't take another 40 years to disentangle ourselves from Europe defies my sense of logic!

I think back with sadness to all the benefits I have received from Europe. I have enjoyed freedom to work in France when younger (and oh how I wish now I had stayed there and never come back to this godforsaken UK!!), freedom of travel, freedom to go shopping in France and return with quality goods that are not available here because the Brits have no idea what good quality really means, and are happy to accept second rate goods. Freedom to enjoy holidays with my car and my dogs, no barriers, no hassles, no extra expenses for visas, driving permits etc etc. Freedom to feel accepted by the French (whose language I speak so fluently that I am always asked what region I come from, not what country) and I have to say: before Brexit referendum and the ensuing decisions, I never felt British but always felt English (which I am).

Since then, I have been feeling increasingly European, totally ashamed of my country of birth the UK, totally connected to the French and their opinions and country and values; and I am now being stripped of all the benefits we have enjoyed for 40 years just because some cranky old people who have already enjoyed their retirement in France and now chosen to return to live here, have some illusion that we can return to the days when we had an empire. When we still had mining and steel industries, oh and car making. We cannot go back to those days, and they are destroying any possibility for the future generations to instead enjoy all the benefits of belonging actively to Europe that I have enjoyed for 40 years.

If I could afford to join the Lib Dems I would - and I have NEVER in my life felt the desire to join any political party! - but alas under several years of Conservative government my income has stagnated and all my essential living expenses including food have increased in cost. Even £12 a year is a "luxury" I cannot currently afford. That is a week's food for me(!) despite the fact I work two jobs to try to make ends meet, those ends are increasingly separating further and further.

Thus in conclusion: you have one very ardent supporter here and you will have my vote as soon as you feel it prudent to call for a general election. Let us continue to be active participants in the EU and beneficiaries of their subsidies and shares! We cannot stand alone as a tiny island nor risk becoming vassals to the USA. We are European!!! Congratulations to Jo Swinson on giving us a voice at last!"